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Frock is a studio nestled within the historic, former lace manufacturing building, The Oldknows Factory, in Nottingham, UK and was founded in 2010 by Esther Michailovs.


Frock offers handmade garments tailored for each client. We are proud of the fact that all of our items are individually made by hand and the whole process is carried out from start to finish by one person who carefully creates each piece with care and attention. The aim is that all items are treasured and the timeless designs can be a core part of any wardrobe for years to come. Our clients truly appreciate the craft of a handmade garment and the personal and unique experience that comes with it.


We offer a private, intimate but cosy and informal space where we hold consultations and fittings by appointment. 


The inspiration for Frock comes from a love of dusty old vintage sewing patterns and beautiful classic design, combining the aesthetic of the past with  modern sensibilities.  

You can now join me in my studio at Frock Stitch School for beginner sewing lessons, 1 to 1 tuition and open studio access.

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