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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes please! I work from my private studio so appointments are essential. Please contact me via to organise your appointment.

If you are unable to make your appointment please notify us atleast 48 hours in advance. 


Do you do alterations?

We do not carry out general alterations or sewing jobs.

All of our dresses are made to measure so fittings which are necessary for a perfect fit will be included within the price of your dress. However, once you have left Frock and have agreed you are happy with the fit and finish of your dress, any further alterations required will be your own responsibility.  Please see links below for alteration shops: 

All Alts Alterations, Nottingham:

In Stitches Alterations, Nottingham: 0115 924 2422


I have bought a dress from you previously and want it altering/ adapting. Can you do this? 

Please see previous question and answer.


Can I bring my own fabric?

Yes you can but please show us a sample first so that we can advise if it is suitable. If we are not sure/ have never used the fabric chosen by you but you still want to go ahead then we assume no responsibility for any problems with the fabric once the dress is made and no refund will be given.


I have my own dress pattern I would like making up. Will you do this for me?

We only make our dresses using our own patterns.


I have seen a dress online that isn't one of yours. Can you make me one the same?

Please take the time to look through the dress designs we offer. If one of our styles is similar in shape and design we may be able to make something simiar but would not offer an exact copy and retain the right to decline.


Do you make your dresses for children?

Unfortunately we do not make children's clothes. We make to measure and have discovered to our cost that by the time of the fitting the dress does not fit due to growth spurts. We have had to set an age limit to 15. 

If you would like a bow or sash making in fabric to match bridesmaids we can do this.


I am going to a fancy dress party and only want a dress for the night do you hire?

We do not consider our dresses to be fancy dress. They are not intended to be historically correct for a specific era and we do not consider them to be reproduction, simply pretty dresses loosely inspired by vintage designs. We do not hire our dresses or petticoats.


What fabrics are available in store?

My studio is quite small which means I do not have the storage space for lots of fabric.If you would like a standard dress it

is preferable that you provide your own fabric. I can advise on suitable fabric and quantities.

Bridal Dresses:

We have a choice of matt duchess satin, lace, embroidered tulle, tulle and mesh. We can also order satin in a wide range of colours(subject to availability) and prices of these will vary. Other fabrics may be available for us to order in but these can be discussed at your consultation.



Do you sell fabric?

We do not sell our fabric to the general public however we can sell fabric to customers that have purchased a dress if matching fabric is required for children's dresses, ties, waistcoats etc.


We accept cash and bank transfer

Do you offer work experience/ sewing classes?

Unfortunately we are far too busy and limited in space to give the necessary guidance and training we feel would be required. Please find links to sewing classes in Nottingham below.

The Craft Studio:

The Textile Workshop:


Can I bring extra people with me for my consultations/ fittings?

As I work from a small private studio space is limited.Please bear this in mind when deciding who to bring with you. Please be aware the studio is not really suitable for children due to the iron, scissors and pins etc. If children are brought into the studio space they are your responsibility and you must keep them under control at all times, preferably you will have someone else there to keep an eye on them. 
In a group scenario, ie. bridesmaids please can only the bride and bridesmaids attend unless previously discussed with us, this is because the lack of space can become quite stressful for you and for us. 


Can I bring some bubbly to celebrate during my consultation?

We understand that it is an exciting occasion but please understand that the space is small and intimate and is our work space so we cannot allow food and drink in the studio or changing rooms. Saving your celebration until after the appointment would be appreciated.


What should I wear when I come for a fitting?

Please be wearing any shapewear and the bra you wish to wear with the dress, be aware that most of our dresses are better suited to strapless bras. If you wish to bring any other accessories such as shoes or headwear please do, but they are not essential as they do not affect the fit of the dress.


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